Multi-layered view on the life of Heinrich von Kleist by twelve comic artists.

Feuergeist is about failing and rising up again. It's about longing for tranquillity and not finding it. It is a multilingual (German, English, Polish) graphic novel about the life of Heinrich von Kleist. Focusing on the student years of Kleist, we decided to draw animals instead of human characters. This way Kleist is impersonated by a frog, his lover becomes a dove and his friend a crocodile. The result is a humorous interplay that makes it possible to trace the reality of the playwright's life even today.

Feuergeist is a cooperation between the Kleist Museum Foundation and the Burg Halle and was funded by the "360°- Fonds" programme of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

By working as a group of twelve illustrators and dividing the biography into sections, the project leaves room for various perspectives and ways of approaching the topic.

Collaboration with Mingren Li.

Photos by Dirk Hornschuch