I also teach.

I give lectures about my working process as an illustrator, drawing expertise from many years of experience drawing and illustrating.

My knowledge lies in a variery of fields:
  • Children's book illustration
  • Development of a comic
  • Image research and the way to an independent illustration
  • Colour world and mood
  • Structure and hierarchy of an image
  • Hand-drawn type
  • Working process in illustrative techniques, such as papercut, watercolour or different printing techniques (risography, monotype, offset printing)

During, before and after the lecture there is room for questions and conversation. (There are no stupid questions.)

Work Experience

Lecture on the topic Autobiographical storytelling through illustration at HfG Karlsruhe, 2023

Drawing Course and Live Painting at the Kleist Museum as part of the Short Night of Museums 2022.

During my time at the Kunstschule Sauterleute, I gained insight into working and interacting with children and young people.

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