A conceptual book uncovering and depicting friendship among womxn.

Freund*innenschaft sheds light on a significant contemporary yet historic issue: The problematic socialization through patriarchy that makes womxn opponents rather than friends. The concept of Freund*innenschaft is based on the term friendship, but made inclusive and dedicated to people who were socialized or identify as women and queer people.

Inspired by the concept of community and creating space for womxns' voices, I was led in conversation with my friends about their perspective of friendship among womxn. Every one of them wrote a text about Freund*innenschaft, each incorporating different aspects of it. To depict the idea of diverse voices being led together, unconventionally both typography and image run towards the centre of the book.

Freund*innenschaft appreciates and celebrates. It mourns what always has been there and never got the attention it deserved. It gives space and examines. And it creates community by doing so.