Lass’ zu

Allow yourself to feel all the feels.

1. Give space to what moves you, saddens you, makes you happy (Gib’ dem Raum, was dich bewegt, bedrückt, beglückt)
2. Show what you can to (Zeig was du kannst)
3. Manage your affairs! (Klär’ deine Angelegenheiten!)
4. Don’t carry it ‘round, express yourself (Trag’ es nicht nur rum, trag’ es raus)
5. Meanwhile, dancig helps (Zwischendurch tanzen hilft)
6. Take a seat, there's room for you) (Nimm Platz ein (da ist was frei))
7. Open your door: (Mach die Tür auf:)
8. Allow yourself to feel all the feels. (Lass’ zu.)

The exhibition “Lass’ zu” gives insight into our secret thoughts, which we usually wouldn’t share with the world. Personal reflections become material, and the exhibition space becomes a walk-in experience that allows visitors to participate in the intimate processes of two adolescent women. Based on the concept “Take a seat, there's room for you” (6), the exhibits are larger-than-life: Through them, we allow ourselves to take up space and at the same time break out of the protective space fabric typically provides –only now to use it as our canvas.

In combination with exhibition and event, we organized a print sale fair for fellow illustrators in order to connect the young illustration scene in Augsburg.

Collaboration with Michelle Pham